Figure 1: GRF curves on the (a) medial, (b) posterior, and (c) vertical directions of the leading stance limb when performing lateral SC for the thin (thick lines), medium (dash lines), and thick (dot lines) midsole during the stance phase. Peak 1 indicates the peak GRF during the early leading stance, and peak 2 indicates the peak GRF during the late leading stance. Comparisons of these peaks and the loading rate of impact peaks between midsole conditions are displayed as bar charts in (d)–(f) for the medial GRF, (g)–(i) for the posterior GRF, and (j)–(l) for the vertical GRF, with corresponding standard deviations as error bars (black bar: the thin midsole, dashed bar: the medium midsole, and dotted bar: the thick midsole).