Table 1: Main parameters of the EpoxyPAN coating material.


Pressure strength [MPa], no less60–75
Adhesion [МPа], no less (maximum)3.5–(15)
Mass density [g/cm3], no more1.3–1.8
Water absorption [%], no more1–1.5
Water tightness, W [MPa], no lessW18–W20
Coating thickness [mm]0.4–5.0
pH water, mean value, for long-term use1.5–3.0
Frost resistance, no less [cycles]600
Relative lengthening, no less [%]0.5
Maximal angle of bending [°], no less35
Wear and tear mass losing [g/cm2], no more0.1
Temperature proof [°С], no less160
Flammability class, no moreГ1
Class of toxicity of combustion products, no moreT1
Spreading of the fireno
Lifetime [year]30