Research Article

Numerical Simulations of Restrained Shrinkage Cracking in Glass Fibre Reinforced Shotcrete Slabs

Table 1

Compilation of test result for normal and shear bond strength at early age, with and as the normal and shear bond strengths, respectively.

ReferenceSurfaceMaterialTest conditionsσ (MPa) (MPa)

Bernard [14]VariousShotcreteIn situ0.2
Hahn [29]GraniteShotcreteLaboratory0.3–1.7
Silfwerbrand [28]ConcreteShotcreteIn situ0.382.85
Saiang et al. [30]Magnetite and trachyteShotcreteLaboratory0.560.50
Ellison [31]GraniteShotcreteIn situ1.37
Bryne et al. [17]GraniteShotcreteLaboratory1.50
Silfwerbrand [28]ConcreteShotcreteLaboratory1.723.35
Moradian et al. [32]Barre graniteConcreteLaboratory4.79

Results are mean values from presented results with a bonding of 100%.
Results are mean values after three days of curing.