Advances in Civil Engineering / 2018 / Article / Tab 6

Research Article

A Parameter Classification System for Nonrevenue Water Management in Water Distribution Networks

Table 6

Final selected parameters for NRW management [4, 8, 3638].

ClassificationParametersApplication area

Physical(i) Pipe materialAdministrative area, DMA
(ii) Mean pipe diameter
(iii) Pipe length per number of demand junctions
(iv) Amount of water supply per number of demand junction
(v) Deteriorated pipe ratio
Operational(vi) Number of leaks
(vii) Leak recovery ratio
(viii) Demand energy ratio

Socioeconomic(ix) Water price cost recovery ratesAdministrative area
(x) Investment ratio of maintenance cost to expenditures
(xi) Investment ratio of facility improvement cost to expenditures
(xii) Population of water supply per number of demand junctions
(xiii) Fiscal self-reliance ratio