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Integrated Management Software for Factory Production of Modular Buildings

Table 1

Work, work time, and number of workers per process.

CategoryProcessPrecedenceWork descriptionTime (min)No. of workers

PrestationPS-OS-2Processing of beam & column member603
PS-M-1Processing of plate/bracket601
Welding of column framework with plate/bracket601
Painting and curing of beam/column framework1802
PS-A-F-2PS-M-2Welding of floor slab material and assembly of floor frame1202
PS-A-F-3PS-A-F-1Installation of deck and wire mesh603
PS-A-W-1PS-A-F-2Pouring concrete in the floor frame602
PS-A-C-1PS-M-2Manufacturing of short-span outer wall (welding/bolting)152
PS-A-C-2-Manufacturing of plumbing/electrical wiring1202
Manufacturing of ceiling frame (welding/bolting)1204
Assembly of module frames and installation of brace1201

StationS-1PS-MA-1Regular welding of modular unit and repair of fireproof painting1302
S-2PS-MA-2Installation of runner and stud1202
S-3S-1Installation of gypsum board/insulation and embedded plumbing pipe at long span902
S-4S-2Installation of gypsum board/insulation and internal stud at short span902
S-5S-3Installation of vertical plumbing pipe, inner insulation, and A/C box1202
S-6S-4Installation of inner gypsum board, Tyvek, and electrical outlet802
S-7S-5Installation of windows and doors502
Installation of external wall frame, installation parallel sliding door, and arrangement of electric conduit1202
S-9S-7Installation of ceiling support1202
S-10S-8Installation of ceiling gypsum board1302
S-S-1S-9Other finish work and transportation1201

PoststationWP-1-Manufacturing of external panel frame using jig and installation of external materials601
WP-2S-10Apply urethane waterproofing in bathroom and installation of buffer material302
WP-3WP-1Pouring and curing of autoclaved light-weight concrete901
WP-4WP-2Installation of bathroom wall/floor tiles and installation of ceiling panels601
WP-5WP-3Installation of bathroom ceramics (toilet bowl, water basin, and mirror) and electrical outlet/switch/light303
EP-1WP-4Installation of finishing materials on bathroom floor, baseboard, and ceiling molding/finishing materials2401
Installation of bathroom light and furnishings and quality inspection604

Manpower ∗ total hours5,710 minutes (including the manpower standby time (total 580 minutes) marked with a star () in the process)

PS : prestation, S : station, OS : outsourcing, M : member, A : assembly, F : floor, W : wall, C : ceiling, MA : modular assembly, WP : wet process, EP : end process.

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