Research Article

Model Tests of Earth Pressure on Buried Rigid Pipes and Flexible Pipes underneath Expanded Polystyrene (EPS)

Table 4

Test programs.

SchemePipe materialLoad-reducing materialThickness of EPS, C (cm)Layer spacing of EPS, Z (cm)Number of EPS layers, NEPS width, B (cm)

1Steel pipe0
2Steel pipeEPS1116.5
3Steel pipeEPS2116.5
4Steel pipeEPS3116.5
5Steel pipeEPS4116.5
6Steel pipeEPS25216.5
7PVC pipe0
8PVC pipeEPS1116.5
9PVC pipeEPS2116.5
10PVC pipeEPS3116.5
11PVC pipeEPS4116.5