Procedure: Multi Objective Subspace Clustering algorithm
 Apply preprocessing phase on data set D
= initial population of relevant subspaces /* Popsize = */
 While (the termination criterion is not satisfied)
   for i = 1 to // for each individual in subspace
    Randomly select chromosomes from the population
    Call subspace_update ( )
   Compute objective functions for current chromosomes
   Apply crossover operation with probability
   Apply mutation operator with mutation probability
   Compute objective functions for new offsprings
   end for
 end while
 Select the best solution from population
 Procedure subspace_update ( )
Choose cluster centers {s = 1,…, from data set generated
by preprocessing phase
  Compute the membership matrix
   for i =1 to do
     for j = 1 to do // —number of cluster centers
  if dist( , ) < dist( , ) then
   = 0;
= 1;
   end if
   end for
end for
       Compute the cluster center:
   Compute cluster weights encoded in each chromosome using
   membership matrix and cluster center
   until convergence
Procedure 1: Steps of MOSCL algorithm.