Table 17: Comparison of proposed model versus argugrid.

Compared featuresARGUGRID(1)Suppliers selection intelligent expert system

Argumentation oriented**
Structure dialog between agents**
Interagent reasoning**
Decision making between agents* *(2)
Multiagent architecture* *(3)
Client (questions) and server (answers) agents structure* *(4)
Agents sharing knowledge to make automatic reasoning**
Deductive decision engine based on previously defined criteria**
Predefined syntactic and semantic elements* *
Support for auditors*
Support for top company management*
Communication via Facts Searching Discussion Protocols *(4)
Deductive oriented*
Dynamic knowledge fuzzy learning *(6)
Expert system*
Facts Scoring Protocol based on human expert knowledge base *(7)
Financial oriented*
Logic oriented*
Initial existing human expert knowledge *(8)
Inference oriented*
Internal Agent Decision Making Engine *(9)
Mutual shared communication among agents *(10)
Quality approach*
SOX oriented*

Feature supported.
(2)Feature provided by Deductive Decision Making Protocol.
(3)Feature provided by the integration with a higher level Multiagent Intelligent System.
(4)Feature provided by Facts Searching Discussion Protocol.
(6)Feature provided by Dynamic Fuzzy Learning Protocol.
(7)Feature provided by Facts Scoring Protocol.
(8)Feature provided by Original Starting Know-How of the Agent.
(9)Feature provided by the Inter-Agent Cooperative Decision Making Protocol.
(10)Feature provided by the Mutual Shared Communication Protocol.