Table 3: Agreement of Confidentiality Scoring Protocol.

Belief typeCritical for SOX compatibility
Important for the quality of the process

SOX compatibility weight1
(needed and mandatory belief for SOX compatibility)

Quality weight0.5/2
(The 10 beliefs that compose the base knowledge do not have the same relevance in terms of quality over the Suppliers Selection Process. The SOX critical beliefs have a total relevance of 50% over the rest of beliefs. In this case there are 2 SOX critical beliefs and 8 non-SOX critical ones)

SOX compatibility valuationLogical boolean valuation with values true (t) or false (f)
(t) if this belief occurs in the facts base of the analyzed business case. That is to say, if a confidentiality agreement has been signed with each of the invited suppliers to the selection process
(f) in rest of cases

Quality valuationValuation of the fact of the business case that corresponds to this belief inside the range [−10 (penalization), 10]
−10 (penalization) if there is no signed confidentiality agreement with invited suppliers to the selection process
10 in rest of cases