Applied Computational Intelligence and Soft Computing / 2014 / Article / Tab 2

Research Article

Opinion Mining from Online User Reviews Using Fuzzy Linguistic Hedges

Table 2

Partial feature orientation table with linguistic hedges for smartphone products.

FeatureDescriptors with positive polarity Descriptors with negative polarity Linguistic hedges (if present)

Call qualityGood, excellent, and satisfactoryPoor, badNot, neverVery, extremelyQuite, hardly

Body/design/buildSleek, lightweight, thin, slim, beautiful, sturdy, striking, and gorgeousHeavy, bulky, and fragileVery, absolutelySomewhat, quite, and almost

Screen/touchscreen/display/retina displayNice, great, sensitive, awesome, clear, and brightDull, bad, and spottyNotHighly, incrediblyQuite

Camera/phone camera/digital cameraAwesome, good, superior, and high- resolutionLow resolution, inferiorNotVery, positively

User interfaceFriendly, attractive, good, and lovelyBad, poorNot soHighly, veryMore or less

NavigationComfortable, intuitive, easy, and fastBad, difficult, slow, and jumpyVery, significantlyQuite