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Analytical Cellular Pathology
Volume 20, Issue 4, Pages 151-154
Technical Note

Technique and Feasibility of a Dual Staining Method for Estrogen Receptors and AgNORs

Lukas Günther1 and Peter Hufnagl2

1Department of Surgery, University of Heidelberg, Heidelberg, Germany
2Institute of Pathology, Charité Hospital, Humboldt‐University Berlin, Germany

Received 2 November 1999; Accepted 11 September 2000

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A new staining method for dual demonstration of Estrogen receptors (ER) and argyrophilc Nucleolus‐Organizer Regions (AgNORs) was developed. To rule out possible reciprocal effects, serial slides of 10 invasive ductale breast cancers were stained with either the single staining method or the simultaneous ER/AgNOR‐staining method and investigated comparatively. By measuring the slides with the image analysis system AMBA, reciprocal effects could be excluded. It was proven that dual staining of both markers results in a reproducible and specific staining result. We concluded that it is justified to measure AgNORs in immunohistochemically stained cells.