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Analytical Cellular Pathology
Volume 23 (2001), Issue 2, Pages 89-95

Fourth Updated ESACP Consensus Report on Diagnostic DNA Image Cytometry

G. Haroske,1 J. P. A. Baak,2 H. Danielsen,3 F. Giroud,4 A. Gschwendtner,5 M. Oberholzer,6 A. Reith,3 P. Spieler,7 and A. Böcking8

1Dresden‐Friedrichstadt General Hospital, Dresden, Germany
2Stavanger General Hospital, Stavanger, Norway
3The Norwegian Radium Hospital, Oslo, Norway
4University “Joseph Fourier”, Grenoble, France
5University Innsbruck, Austria
6University Basle, Switzerland
7General Hospital, St.Gallen, Switzerland
8University “Heinrich Heine”, Düsseldorf, Germany

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A task force of experts in the field of diagnostic DNA image cytometry, invited by the ESACP, and further scientists or physicians revealing experience in that diagnostic procedure (names are given in Addendum A), agreed upon the following 4th updated Consensus Report on Standardised Diagnostic DNA Image Cytometry during the 7th International Congress of that society in Caen, 2001. This report is based on the three preceding ones [6,14,17]. It deals with the following items: – Critical review and update of the definitions given in the 1997 Consensus Update; – Review and detailed description of basic terms, principles and algorithms for diagnostic interpretation; – Recommendations concerning diagnostic or prognostic applications in specific fields of tumour pathology. This update is not aimed to substitute the 1997 consensus, but to make necessary addenda and give more detailed descriptions of those items not unequivocally to interpret by potential users of the methodology.