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Composite Indices Using 3 or 4 Components of the Core Data Set Have Similar Predictive Ability to Measure Disease Activity in RA: Evidence from the DANCER and REFLEX Studies

Table 2

Treatment comparisons of changes from baseline in composite indices by number of components and RA Core Data Set measures.

ComponentsNumber of componentsREFLEXDANCER
SRM valueSRM value

SJC, DOCGL, FN, CRP41.13 0.85
SJC, PATGL, DOCGL, CRP41.13 0.86
SJC, PAIN, DOCGL, CRP41.12 0.84
SJC, PATGL, FN, CRP41.09 0.82
SJC, PAIN, FN, CRP41.09 0.81
TJC, DOCGL, FN, CRP41.10 0.81
PATGL, DOCGL, FN, CRP41.09 0.83
PAIN, DOCGL, FN, CRP41.09 0.82
TJC, PAIN, DOCGL, CRP41.09 0.80
TJC, PATGL, DOCGL, CRP41.10 0.81
SJC, TJC, FN, CRP41.07 0.77
SJC, TJC, PATGL, CRP41.07 0.79
SJC, TJC, DOCGL, CRP41.08 0.80
SJC, TJC, PAIN, CRP41.07 0.77
TJC, PATGL, FN, CRP41.06 0.77
SJC, PAIN, PATGL, CRP41.05 0.79
TJC, PAIN, FN, CRP41.06 0.76
SJC, PAIN, DOCGL, ESR41.05 0.79
SJC, PATGL, DOCGL, ESR41.05 0.81
SJC, DOCGL, FN, ESR41.04 0.80
TJC, PAIN, PATGL, CRP41.03 0.75
SJC, PAIN, FN, ESR41.01 0.75
TJC, DOCGL, FN, ESR41.02 0.75
SJC, PATGL, FN, ESR41.01 0.77
TJC, PATGL, DOCGL, ESR41.02 0.76
TJC, PAIN, DOCGL, ESR41.02 0.75
SJC, TJC, FN, ESR40.99 0.72
SJC, TJC, DOCGL, ESR41.00 0.75
SJC, TJC, PATGL, ESR41.00 0.74
SJC, TJC, PAIN, ESR41.00 0.72
PATGL, DOCGL, FN, ESR41.01 0.78
PAIN, DOCGL, FN, ESR41.01 0.77
SJC, PAIN, DOCGL, FN40.99 0.72
SJC, PAIN, PATGL, ESR40.98 0.74
SJC, PATGL, DOCGL, FN40.99 0.73
PAIN, PATGL, FN, CRP40.98 0.74
SJC, TJC, PAIN, DOCGL40.97 0.69
SJC, TJC, PATGL, DOCGL 40.97 0.71
TJC, PAIN, FN, ESR40.98 0.71
TJC, PATGL, FN, ESR40.98 0.72
SJC, TJC, DOCGL, FN40.96 0.69
TJC, PAIN, DOCGL, FN40.96 0.68
SJC, TJC, PAIN, FN40.94 0.66
TJC, PATGL, DOCGL, FN40.96 0.70
SJC, TJC, PATGL, FN40.94 0.67
TJC, PAIN, PATGL, ESR40.96 0.70
SJC, TJC, PAIN, PATGL40.93 0.66
SJC, PAIN, PATGL, FN40.92 0.67
PAIN, PATGL, DOCGL, FN40.92 0.68
TJC, PAIN, PATGL, FN40.90 0.63
PAIN, PATGL, FN, ESR40.90 0.68
SJC, FN, CRP31.11 0.84
DOCGL, FN, CRP31.12 0.86
SJC, PATGL, CRP31.11 0.85
SJC, DOCGL, CRP31.12 0.87
SJC, PAIN, CRP31.10 0.83
PATGL, DOCGL, CRP31.11 0.86
PAIN, DOCGL, CRP31.11 0.84
TJC, DOCGL, CRP31.10 0.82
TJC, FN, CRP31.07 0.78
TJC, PATGL, CRP31.07 0.79
SJC, TJC, CRP31.05 0.77
TJC, PAIN, CRP31.07 0.77
PATGL, FN, CRP31.03 0.79
PAIN, FN, CRP31.03 0.77
SJC, FN, ESR31.00 0.77
SJC, DOCGL, ESR31.02 0.80
SJC, PAIN, ESR31.01 0.76
SJC, PATGL, ESR31.01 0.79
DOCGL, FN, ESR31.00 0.80
PATGL, DOCGL, ESR31.02 0.80
PAIN, DOCGL, ESR31.01 0.78
TJC, DOCGL, ESR31.00 0.75
SJC, PAIN, DOCGL30.99 0.72
PAIN, PATGL, CRP30.99 0.74
SJC, PATGL, DOCGL30.98 0.74
SJC, DOCGL, FN30.97 0.72
TJC, FN, ESR30.96 0.71
TJC, PATGL, ESR30.98 0.73
SJC, TJC, ESR30.95 0.70
TJC, PAIN, ESR30.98 0.70
SJC, PAIN, FN30.94 0.66
TJC, PATGL, DOCGL30.95 0.70
TJC, PAIN, DOCGL30.95 0.68
TJC, DOCGL, FN30.94 0.68
SJC, PATGL, FN30.93 0.68
SJC, TJC, PATGL30.92 0.66
SJC, TJC, PAIN30.92 0.64
SJC, TJC, DOCGL30.93 0.67
PAIN, DOCGL, FN30.94 0.69
PATGL, DOCGL, FN30.94 0.70
SJC, PAIN, PATGL30.91 0.66
SJC, TJC, FN30.90 0.63
PATGL, FN, ESR30.92 0.72
PAIN, FN, ESR30.92 0.71
TJC, PAIN, FN30.90 0.62
PAIN, PATGL, DOCGL30.92 0.68
TJC, PATGL, FN30.89 0.64
TJC, PAIN, PATGL30.88 0.62
PAIN, PATGL, ESR30.89 0.68
PAIN, PATGL, FN 30.83 0.60

SRMs: REFLEX: DAS28 = 1.04, CDAI = 0.92, and RAPID3 = 0.83; DANCER: DAS28 = 0.77, CDAI = 0.66, and RAPID3 = 0.6. Kruskal-Wallis values compare the changes from baseline to the last observation on or before week 24 between rituximab and placebo treatment. These -values were not adjusted for multiplicity. CRP: C-reactive protein; DOCGL: assessor global; ESR: erythrocyte sedimentation rate; FN: physical function; PAIN: pain; PATGL: patient global estimate; SJC: swollen joint count; TJC: tender joint count.

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