Table 1: The outcome of EAE in wildtype and human CRP transgenic mice.

Strain ()Disease onset, days
mean (sem)
mean (sem)
Maximum score
mean (sem)

Wildtype (13)11.46 (.65)61.65 (1.68)3.88 (.08)
CRPtg (13)14.77 (.61)44.58 (3.38)3.29 (.16)
nCRPtg (11)12.09 (.51)65.77 (1.61)3.95 (.05)


Mice were immunized with MOG peptide and the day of onset of EAE as well as its incidence and severity were determined as described in Section 2. The data are pooled from two experiments.
, Neuman-Kuel’s multiple comparison test.
, Tukey’s multiple comparison test.
not significant.