Advances in Decision Sciences / 2014 / Article / Psdc 1

Research Article

An Economic Order Quantity Model with Completely Backordering and Nondecreasing Demand under Two-Level Trade Credit

Pseudocode 1

The pseudocode of the applied genetic algorithm.
Algorithm: GA (PopSize, PC, PM, Genes)
//Initialize  generation  0:
= a population of “PopSize” randomly-generated individuals;
   //(1) Crossover
   Select “PC × PopSize” members of randomly;
   Pair them off to produce offspring and save them as 1;
   //(2) Mutation
   Select “PC × PopSize × Genes” genes of randomly;
   Mutate them and save the changed individuals as 2;
   //(3) Selection: Creating  generation   + 1
   Compute fitness () for each ();
   Select the “PopSize” best of them for the next generation;
While the number of generations is less than a hypothetical max generation;
Return the fittest individual from ;