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Research Article

Key Enablers of Effective Implementation of TQM in Royal Jet Airways

Table 3

Significance of dimensions of data acquisition method by using chi-square value.

Dimensions/variablesMeanRankingChi-square value

Are employees empowered to make significant changes to construction operations or methodology?2.4718.5330.003

Do you have a system for gathering clients suggestions?2.2723.8000.150

Are suppliers/subcontractors rated?2.0333.8000.150

How do you measure customer satisfaction?1.7748.5330.003

If defects in service are identified, then are subcontractors required to pay for correct team?1.6357.4000.025

Do you have a system for gathering employees suggestions/exit interviews?1.5366.5330.011

Do you collect data to measure the performance of operations or process?1.3074.8000.028

How does your organization solve quality related problems?1.2388.5330.003

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