Table 2: Effect of Bacillus isolates obtained from the compost materials on in vitro growth of Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. radicis-lycopersici and determination of the ability of the most effective bacterial isolates in dual culture on producing cyanide, volatiles and antibiotics.

IsolatesIdentify of the selected isolates Dual culture assay
% mycelial inhibition% fungal inhibition by volatilesAntibiotic productionCyanide production

B6B. sphaericus +
B10B. sphaericus ++
B12B. sphaericus +
B17B. sphaericus +
BuC16Burkholderia gladioli
PPS7Pseudomonas putida ++
BS1Bacillus +
BS2B. sphaericus +
BS3Bacillus +

Percent growth inhibition was determined after days of incubation using [51] formula. Values followed by the same letter were not significant ( ) by student’s Newmans Keuls test. (+) production, (−): nonproduction, ±: indicate standard error of the mean.