Table 4: Dry matter yield for different plant parts of the species tested according to the rate of organic material treatment*.

RateOilseed radishSunflowerCastor oil plant
RootStraw (S)Pod (P) RoosStraw (S)Flower (F) RootsShoots

Mg ha−1mg kg−1
Sugar cane filter cake00.8 a10.8 a5.0 a15.7 a2.2 a12.7 b4.9 a17.6 b4.7 a18.5 b
200.7 a11.7 a6.3 a17.9 a2.7 a15.9 ba3.4 b19.3 ba5.8 a19.5 ba
400.8 a12.2 a5.6 a17.7 a3.2 a18.3 a3.9 ba22.2 a5.6 a21.3 c
800.7 a12.5 a5.7 a18.2 a2.4 a15.0 ba5.2 a20.2 ba5.6 a20.7 bc
Average0.8 B11.8 A5.6 A17.4 A2.6 A15.5 A4.4 A19.8 A5.4 A20.0 A

Peat00.9 a12.1 a4.8 a16.9 a1.6 a12.7 a3.2 a15.8 a4.4 a18.5 b
201.0 a11.5 a6.0 a17.5 a2.4 a14.4 a3.1 a17.5 a4.8 a19.7 ba
400.9 a12.6 a5.0 a17.6 a2.0 a13.3 a3.3 a16.7 a5.1 a18.9 b
801.0 a12.0 a5.9 a17.9 a2.5 a15.5 a3.0 a18.5 a5.4 a20.8 a
Average0.9 A12.0 A5.5 A17.5 A2.1 B14.0 B3.2 B17.1 B4.9 B19.5 B

*Results presented are the average of 3 replicates. Means followed by the same letter, are not significantly different by the Tukey’s test at . Upper case letters, in columns, compare plant tissues and lower case letters, in columns, compare rate of amendments.