Applied and Environmental Soil Science / 2012 / Article / Tab 2

Research Article

Influence of Stabilized Biosolids Application on Availability of Phosphorus, Copper, and Zinc

Table 2

Selected characteristics and metal concentrations in the studied soils and sewage sludge.

Soil classification
Tested characteristicsCalcareous soilFluvial soilSewage sludge (SS1)Sewage sludge (SS2)
Typic TorrifluventsTypic Calcorthids

Tested basic characteristics
 EC, dSm−10.940.553.903.80
 OM, g kg−114.9022.20144.50149.20
 CEC, cmol(+)/kg12.6334.1035.8036.30
 CaCO3, %28.505.3015.209.88
 Olsen-P, mg kg−18.707.7053.9057.30

Particle size distribution, %
 Texture classSandy clay loamSilty loam

DTPA-extracted elements, mg kg−1

Aqua-regia-extracted elements, mg kg−1

EC: electric conductivity (dSm−1); OM: organic matter; CEC: cation exchange capacity (cmol(+)/kg); (—): not measured; DTPA: diethylenetriaminepenta-acetic acid.