Table 4: Summary of the analysis of variance (ANOVA) for soil biological variables over the experiment.

Source of variationSOM1SOMM2SMBC3CO2 to ATP ratioNO3-N
d.f.M.S. d.f.M.S. d.f.M.S. d.f.M.S.

Fertilization (FT)20.123.22*24952.730.44223063.921.42212.602.252118.337.46**
Sampling date (SD)100.072.02*10261707.8323.40**9662241.9940.90**987.5315.61**10766.0048.29**
FT × SD200.020.61207208.980.641819833.671.22185.280.942012.250.77


1SOM: soil organic matter. 2SOMM: soil organic matter mineralization. 3SMBC: soil microbial biomass carbon.
d.f.: degrees of freedom. M.S.: mean square. : F-statistic. *Significant at . **Significant at .