Table 1: Estimates of the potential contribution of byproducts produced by the sugar-alcohol agroindustry to the annual recycling of mineral elements in agriculture (adapted from [33]).

ResiduesNutrientsVolume of residuesReturning nutrients
(% in dry residue)(t yr−1)

Filter cake11.401.940.392.34 million t dry cake yr−1 (Mt dwt)32800454009130
Straw20.460.110.5734.5 million t dry straw yr−115870037950196650

(g m−3 vinasse)
Vinasse337560 2.035270 billion L yr−110125016200549450

Supposing that the cultivated area in Brazil is 6.9 million hectares and 475 million tons of cane sugar are harvested, of which 223 million tons are utilized for sugar production generating 35 kg of filter cake ton−1 of crushed cane; filter cake with 70% moisture content. Generation of 5 t ha−1 of dry straw, considering that 100% of the sugar cane cultured area in Brazil is not burnt. Alcohol production: 20.8 billion liters; vinasse generation: 13 L L−1 of produced alcohol.