Table 2: Physical properties determined on OMF15, OMF10, biosolids granules, and urea.

Fertiliser material OMF15OMF10Biosolids granules Urea
Physical propertyMean ± SDMean (or value) ± SD

(mm)4 12.52
(mm)4 13.03
(mm)4 13.73
GSI (%)4 120.0
A (m2 kg)4 11.61
(%)4 157.3
(kg m−3)4 3
(kg m−3)100 100
(m3 m−3)4 3
a (N mm−2)2 2
b (N mm−2)2 2
c (N mm−2)2 2
d (N mm−2)2

(For , particle size ranges were: a2.00–3.35 mm; b3.35–4.00 mm; c4.00–5.50 mm; d5.50–7.10 mm. For urea, particles in the sample were smaller than 5.50 mm in diameter; therefore, is not shown for the range of 5.50 to 7.10 mm. The standard deviation (SD) is shown as ± the mean value, except for ).