Table 4: Metal uptake rates (means where ) by shoots of three wheat cultivars grown on sand media amended with biosolids.

Time (week)Variety of wheatMetal accumulation
g g−1 4 wk−1

4Chinese Spring12Ac2Ae14Ac32Ab6Ad160Aa
Triticum aestivum 15Ac2Ae14Ac27Ab5Ad169Aa
Yecora Rojo12Ac2Ae10Bc27Ab6Ad136Ba

8Chinese Spring4Bc1Ad4Ac23Ab5Ac96Ba
Triticum aestivum 6Ac1Ad3Ac21Ab4Ac116Aa
Yecora Rojo7Ac1Af2Be21Ab4Ad104Aa

The differences of metal uptake rate among the wheat cultivars were tested by one-way ANOVA. In each column of each growth time for cultivars, values followed by same upper case letter were not significantly different at . The differences of the metal uptake rates among the metals in same cultivars were tested by one-way ANOVA. In each row, time, and cultivar, values followed by different lowercase letter were significantly different at .