Applied and Environmental Soil Science / 2014 / Article / Tab 1

Research Article

Survival of a Rifampicin-Resistant Pseudomonas fluorescens Strain in Nine Mollisols

Table 1

Chemical properties of test soils used in P. fluorescens D7rif survival study.

LocationpHPKOrganic matterNO3-NNH4-NCation exchange capacity
ug g−1ug g−1%ug g−1ug g−1meq 100 g−1

Akron, CO6.02685361.1756.73.0118.3
Hays, KS-“A”7.5819.53161.14602.115
Hays, KS-“B”5.498.75522.3582.5721.6
La Crosse, WA5.756.14562.225.65.514.6
Lewiston, ID5.299.3680517.316.624.5
Lind, WA6.389.34721.054.84.7814.3
Moro, OR5.6912.94721.5214.83.0513.4
Pendleton, OR5.186.85682.4363.33.8319.4
Pullman, WA5.315.24604.439.3NA18.3