Applied and Environmental Soil Science / 2014 / Article / Tab 4

Research Article

Survival of a Rifampicin-Resistant Pseudomonas fluorescens Strain in Nine Mollisols

Table 4

Pseudomonas fluorescens D7rif survival and slope of trendline after 63-day incubation at 5, 10, and 20°C, averaged across moisture contents.

log CFU g−1Slopelog CFU g−1Slopelog CFU g−1Slope

Akron, CO5.93−0.02575.74−0.02972.75−0.0781
Hays, KS-“A”6.11−0.02365.05−0.04982.54−0.0713
Hays, KS-“B”4.98−0.0455.04−0.04190−0.1212
La Crosse, WA5.68−0.0384.55−0.04810−0.1172
Lewiston, ID4.75−0.0474.86−0.04082.46−0.0659
Lind, WA7.04−0.02086.49−0.02922.99−0.0895
Moro, OR7.03−0.01736.45−0.02932.88−0.0947
Pendleton, OR1.58−0.10083.16−0.0740−0.1106
Pullman, WA5.36−0.03914.60−0.05442.52−0.0932