Table 6: Distribution area of suitable land which is available for agriculture in Tuban Regency.

Suitability level⁢Taking into account FASD1⁢Taking into account SP-ROLUP2⁢Taking into account FASD and SP-ROLUP3

Highly suitable59,350.032.312,019.76.511,764.46.4
Moderately suitable48,866.226.610,388.05.69,898.05.4
Marginally suitable47,310.825.712,088.36.611,722.96.4
Not suitable16,988.79.216,988.79.216,988.79.2
Not available11,479.06.2132,509.972.0133,620.672.6


The suitability was measured only for the area outside the forest area status designation (FASD), while the area inside the FASD is considered as unavailable.
2The suitability was measured inside the area permitted for agriculture (outside the area not permitted for agriculture, which is considered as unavailable) according to spatial pattern of regional official land use plan (SP-ROLUP) map.
3Combination of 1 and 2.