Table 10: Kinetics constant for metal dissolution reaction extracted by organic acid (OA) mixtures according to (1) and (2).

Biosolid treatment (Mg ha−1)Metal extracted by OAsZero- and first-order kinetics constant

Control0.001 M
0.01 M
0.1 M

135 0.001 M
0.01 M 0.720.120.920.088.840.
0.1 M

1,080 0.001 M
0.01 M 4.640.103.400.0842.80.0739.20.121.360.084160.12
0.1 M 6.680.075.840.0881.20.0864.

Values represent means of two replicates. The differences of first-order kinetics constant for Cd among the treatments were tested by one-way ANOVA. In each column, values followed by the same lowercase letter were not significantly different at .
Obtained at Moreno Field Station of the University of California, Riverside, CA. From 1976 through 1981, composted biosolids were applied at dry weight rates of 0 (control), 22.5, and 180 Mg ha−1 yr−1, respectively.
Concentration was below detection limits of the AAS for Pb = 0.001 mg kg−1.