Table 3: Management based on risk score (the sum of riskpoints in Table 1).

Risk score

 0No thromboprophylaxis
 1No thromboprophylaxis
 2Short-term LMWH thromboprohylaxis after delivery (7 days)* or during immobilization
 36 weeks of LMWH thromboprophylaxis after delivery*
 ≥4Antepartum thromboprophylaxis, and at least 6 weeks postpartum**
 “Very high risk”High-dose antepartum prophylaxis and at least 12 weeks of postpartum prophylaxis***

*Initiated 4 hours after delivery.
**Women with history of VTE initiate thromboprophylaxis in early pregnancy.
***Thromboprophylaxis is initiated as early as possible and sometimes before pregnancy. Only women with antithrombin deficiency, chronic warfarin prophylaxis, recurrent VTE, antiphospholipidsyndrome with VTE, and those with mechanical heart prosthesis are included in this group.