Advances in Hematology / 2012 / Article / Tab 1

Review Article

Novel Insights into the Genetic Controls of Primitive and Definitive Hematopoiesis from Zebrafish Models

Table 1

Lineage-specific mutant and transgenic lines for zebrafish hematopoiesis research.

Lineage MarkerMutant linesTransgenic lines
Mutant designation and mutation typeReferencesLine designationReferences

Hemangioblasttal1/sclt21384, K183X[38]PAC-tal1:GFP 5.0tal1:EGFP[39, 40]
lmo2Nonelmo2:EGFP lmo2:DsRed[41]

EMPsrunx1hg1, W84X[42, 43]runx1P1:EGFP[44]

runx1hg1, W84X[42, 43]runx1P2:EGFP[44]
HSCscmybt25217, I181N
hkz3, truncation in transactivation domain
cmyb:EGFPDeveloped by the Zon lab, used in [47]
cd41Nonecd41:GFP[33, 34]

Erythropoiesisgata1m651 (vlad tepes), R339X
hg2, T301K
gata1:GFP gata1:DsRed[37, 49]

Myelopoiesis: GMPsspi1/pu.1 Nonespi1:EGFP zpu.1:EGFP[50, 51]

Myelopoiesis: Neutrophils, Macrophages, MonocyteslyzNonelyz:EGFP lyz:DsRed[53]
mpeg1Nonempeg1:EGFP mpeg1:mCherry[54]

rag1t26683, R797X[55]rag1:GFP[56]
ikzf1/ikarost24980, Q360X[58]ikzf1:GFP[59]