Table 1: miRNA nomenclature.


“hsa” (Eg. hsa-miR-21)Species name (Homo sapiens)
Eg. Mmu—mus musculus
rno—Rattus norvegicuscel—Caenorhabditis elegans ath—Arabidopsis thalianadme- Drosophila melanogaster
“miR” (Eg. hsa-mir-17)Denotes immature form of miRNA (pre-miRNA)
or primary transcript or genomic locus
“miR” (Eg. has-miR-10)Refers to the mature form of miRNA
a and b notation (Eg. miR-147a, miR-147b) When two miRNAs are similar except in 2 or 3 nt, then they are denoted by lowercased letters
Additional numbers in names
(Eg. miR-16-1, miR-16-2)
In case of two miRNAs are 100% similar, but they are located on different chromosomes and then they are denoted by extra dash followed by number
“*” notation (Eg. miR-56/ miR-56*) If the same precursor miRNA produces two miRNAs, then the less predominant one is denoted by*
3p- and 5p- notation
(Eg. miR-56-3p, miR-56-5p)
If the data is not sufficient to know which one is predominant, then it is written as 3p- or 5p-. 3p- and 5p- indicate that it is derived from 3′, 5′ arms, respectively.