Table 3: miRNA target prediction tools.


miRSystemPredict the target genes and pathways[25]
miRandaPredict targets by finding high complementarity regions in 3’UTR[26]
TargetScanDetect target genes by perfect complementarity to the seed region[27]
PicTarSeed match, binding energy, conservation[28]
DIANA-microTBased on affinity interaction between miRNA and mRNA[29]
MireBased on miRNA; mRNA duplex stability properties[30]
RNA22Detect targets by pattern recognition and folding energy[31]
Tar BaseCurated database for experimentally
tested miRNA targets[32]
miRNA MAPCollection of experimentally verified miRNA targets[33]
MiRSelExtraction of miRNA; gene interactions from the literature[34]
miRecordsTargets identified by 11 target prediction programmes[35]
MiRTarBaseTargets collected manually from the literature[36]
miRWalkTarget identification by complimentarity (perl language)[37]
Star BaseUse CLIP-Seq and Degradome-Seq data for miRNA target identification[38]
VHoTIt gives information of viral miRNA relation with host[39]
OMITBased on ontology design, data integration[40]
MiRParaIt uses support vector machine based softwarehttp://[41]