Table 4: miRNA involved in megakaryopoiesis.

miRNAFunctionPutative targetsReference

miR-34aMK differentiation of K562 cells, targets cMyb, CDKs, and MEK1HMGN4, CCDC52, KLRK1, RGS17, NFATCG[42, 43]

miR-155Downregulated in megakaryopoiesis, targets Meis-1 and Ets-1MMP16, SLC11A2, C2orf18[44]

miR-146a, miR-145Involved in megakaryopoiesis by activating innate immunity and mediates 5q syndrome phenotypeSOX11, SP1[45]

miR-146aIncreased in MK development and targets CXCR4CREBL2, NOTCH2, TRAK2, TBX18, RIN2, RAD23B, SLC1A2[46, 47]

miR-150Favours megakaryocyte lineage differentiation; it targets cMyb, induced by TPOSLC24A4[47, 48]

miR-28It targets TPO receptor and prevents MK differentiation from CD34+ cells[49]

miR-27amiR-27a targets and decrease RUNX1 levelsTRIM9, CYB5B, EGR2, BASP1[50]

miR-181amiR-181a inhibit Ca2+ induced differentiation of MKs[51]

miR-125b-2Induces proliferation and differentiation of MKsRAD98, ZNF100, PDS5B, SHE, CDR2[52]

miR-181Mediates MK differentiation by disrupting LIN28/let-7 axisFOXP1, CCN8, HOXA1[53]