Advances in Hematology / 2017 / Article / Tab 2

Research Article

Efficacy and Safety of Manual Partial Red Cell Exchange in the Management of Severe Complications of Sickle Cell Disease in a Developing Country

Table 2

Evaluation of the blood count parameters after one RCE and hemoglobin fractions after 2 consecutive RCE performed the day of admission.

Parameters ValuesMean variation
Baseline Final
Mean95% CIMean95% CI

Blood count before and after one RCE ()
Red cells count (1012/L)3,12,9–3,33,33,1–3,4+0,2
Hemoglobin rate (g/dL)8,98,6–9,110,38,5–12,2+1,4
Hematocrit (%)26,224,7–27,830,623,3–37,6+4,4
White cells count (109/L)11,510,7–12,211,610,4–12,7+0,1
Platelets count (109/L)443414–473433401–475−10
Fractions of hemoglobin before and after 2 RCE performed the day of admission ()
Hemoglobin S (%)84,880,5–8924,820,6–32−60
Hemoglobin A (%)06458–70+64
Hemoglobin F (%)10,28,0–12,563,0–7,5−4,2
Hemoglobin A2 (%)3,32,9–3,72,31,9–3,0−1