Table 3: Examples of constructive, positive, and negative user feedback; all in response to questions on the improvement of the suggested service. Feedback marked * was related to a just-for-fun betting service proposed in Case 1.

Feedback lengthConstructive feedbackPositive feedbackNegative feedback

LowVideoThink it looks goodDrop it!
MediumRemind of a new opportunity each week, if not they may forget.*No, looks fine. Maybe some small adjustmentsNot much, since I do not use this kind of service
HighI would have used this with friends. I am involved in many similar competitions and if there is a prize to win this may keep the interest up. It may well be that one uses this for three or four rounds, and then it dies out. Keeping up the interest may be the greatest challenge with such a module.*I believe this looked reasonably ok. It is difficult to say, though, before having tried out the functionality in this product. Initially, the user interface looks well laid out and fine. But, as I said, it is hard to say before having tested the module myself.You need to write good Norwegian language; that is, to have someone with a good written presentation as proof readers. “gruppe poeng” and gruppe plassering” is poor Norwegian and looks childish. No space between the words. Apart from this the service looks fair enough.