Table 2: Quantitative comparison of existing work based on different features.

ApproachAverage Max HR Approximate AccuracyAverage Max Sampling RateNumber of Device (s) Used Power Consumption in Watts

PatientsL-ikeMe [27]16090%1201~ 500 mWatt

Daily Strength [28]156 85%1101N/A

Om-nio [29]14080%1001N/A

Everyday Health [30]14485%801N/A

SEHMS [31]15578%902N/A

RMHM [32]16282%1402N/A

PHM [33]14570%1501N/A

Qardiocore [34]13578%1101N/A

Maksimović [35]15585%1052N/A

Stecker [36]16777%1301N/A

Mancini [37]15187%1352~ 600 mWatt

Sun [38]16075%951N/A

Communicore [39]14872%1501N/A

Kavitha1 [40]15668%1551N/A

Jagtap [41]14872%1452N/A

Our Approach13595%1601~ 444 mWatt