Figure 4: Energy dependence of parameter (a), scaled HBT radii (b–d), and ratio (e) in various nucleus-nucleus collisions at  GeV/ [6]. Experimental results are shown for central collisions (for minimum bias event in the case of E802 for ), for pairs of mesons (in the cases of ALICE and STAR for both and at and 200 GeV for pairs, E802 for , and NA44 for , for pairs of mesons), and for standard Coulomb correction (in the cases of ALICE, NA44, NA45, PHOBOS, and STAR for both and at and 200 GeV, for correction ). Statistical errors are shown (for NA44, total uncertainties). The solid lines (a–d) correspond to the fits by function (7) and dashed lines to the fits by specific case of (7) at fixed . Smooth solid and dashed curves at (e) correspond to the ratio calculated from the fit results for and , and dotted line is the level .