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Advances in High Energy Physics
Volume 2018, Article ID 4809682, 11 pages
Research Article

Neutrino Mass and the Higgs Portal Dark Matter in the ESSFSM

1Theoretical Physics Division, Physical Research Laboratory, Ahmedabad 380009, India
2Centre for High Energy Physics, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore 560012, India

Correspondence should be addressed to Najimuddin Khan; moc.liamg@321.scisyhpnahk

Received 20 November 2017; Accepted 8 February 2018; Published 13 March 2018

Academic Editor: Farinaldo Queiroz

Copyright © 2018 Najimuddin Khan. This is an open access article distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited. The publication of this article was funded by SCOAP3.


We extend the standard model with three right-handed singlet neutrinos and a real singlet scalar. We impose two and symmetries. We explain the tiny neutrino mass-squared differences with two - and -even right-handed neutrinos using type I seesaw mechanism. The -odd fermion and the -odd scalar can both serve as viable dark matter candidates. We identify new regions in the parameter space which are consistent with relic density of the dark matter from recent direct search experiments LUX-2016 and XENON1T-2017 and LHC data.