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Reliability Model Construction for Complex System Based on Common Cause Failure Network

Table 2

The components of high-speed train bogie system.

Number   SubsystemsNumber   Components

01Framework1Side beams
3Vertical support beams connecting beam air spring
4Support beam of air spring
5Brake bracket of roulette
6Positioning arm seat
7The mounting base of pressurized cylinder
8Vertical stopper
9The motor hanging brackets
10Gear box hanging brackets

02Wheel pairs11The axles
12The wheels
13The brake disc
14The device of gears
15The bearing

03Axle boxes apparatus16Axis box
17The front cover of axis
18The back cover of axis
19The positioning node of rubber elastic
20Bearing units
21Bearing temperature detectors
22Speed sensors

04The first suspension apparatus23The spring device of axle box
24The vertical damper of axle boxes
25The positioning node of rubber elastic
26The arrangements for lifting of wheels

05The secondary suspension apparatus27Lateral damper
28Antisnake damper
29Air spring device
30The central traction drawbars seat
31Height adjustment valve
32Transverse backstop
33Traction drawbars

06Traction drives34Couplings
35The traction motor

07Braking device36Brake callipers
37Piping systems
38Brake booster cylinder

08Tread surface cleaning device39Air cylinder