Table 6: General overview of the correlations obtained for the study cases.


Y-PSNR versus MOS BPNN0.93030.97130.28820.5833
VQM versus MOS BPNN0.94120.97070.26470.1979
SSIM versus MOS BPNN0.94460.97330.2570.1483
QIBF versus MOS BPNN0.9370.97110.27390.1562
Y-PSNR versus 0.96980.98730.17960.5833
VQM versus 0.96450.99000.19480.1666
SSIM versus 0.94970.98890.23190.1354
QIBF versus 0.92540.98530.28240.1354

Note: PCC (Pearson correlation coefficient) for prediction accuracy.
SROCC (Spearman rank order correlation coefficient) for monotonicity.
RMSE (Root Mean Square Error) for correlation quality assessment.
OR (Outlier Ratio) for consistence.