Table 1: The raw tomato leaf dataset.

LabelCategoryNumberLeaf symptomsIllustration

1Corynespora leaf spot disease547Small brown spots appear, leaf spots have yellow halo.See Figure 1 first row No.1-No.5
2Early blight405Black or brown spots appear, leaf spots often have yellow or green concentric ring pattern.See Figure 1 first row No.6-No.10
4Late blight726Water-soaked area appears and rapidly enlarges to form purple-brown, oily-appearing blotches.See Figure 1 second row No.1-No.5
5Leaf mold disease480Irregular yellow or green area appears.See Figure 1 second row No.6-No.10
6Septoria leaf spot734Round spots, marginal brown, chlorotic yellow, appear.See Figure 1 third row No.1-No.5
7 Two-spotted spider mite720Show white or yellow spots, blade back netting.See Figure 1 third row No.6-No.10
8Virus disease481Develop yellow or green, slightly shrinking.See Figure 1 forth row No.1-No.5
9Yellow leaf curl disease814Develop small and curl upward, crumpling, and marginal yellowing, bushy appearance.See Figure 1 forth row No.6-No.10
3Health643See Figure 1 fifth row