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[Retracted] Analysis of Sports Event Management Teaching from the Perspective of Multimedia considering Multiobjective Teaching Optimization Algorithm

Table 1

Storage formats of editing software for different materials in multimedia.

Material nameEditing softwareCommonly used storage format

TextWord2000; Cool3D4.0Word document
Graphic imagePhotoshop6.0; PhotoDRAW; Corel Draw; Ulead PhotoImpact; Digital Camera Enhancer V1.3.Jpg.Jpeg
Animation3D studio MAX R3; Poser 4.0; GIF movie Gear; Freehand; Flash
AudioAudio editor; Amorzing Midi V1.60; Acid Mavv2.4.mav.MIDI
VideoEdit Studio V2.1; Cineplayer Editor V1.45; Axogon Composer 1.0a; Flicker Free Video Framer 1.0 Premiere 5.5.avi.mpg