Table 1: Vaisala DigiCORA TT12 tethersonde sensors with accuracies and resolutions.

VariableSensorAbsolute accuracy*Resolution

Air temperatureCapacitive wire F-Thermocap0.5°C0.1°C
Relative humidityThin-film capacitor5%0.1%
Wind speedThree-cup anemometer0.2 m s−10.1 m s−1
Wind directionDigital compassSee the text
Atmospheric pressureBAROCAP silicon sensor1.5 hPa0.1 hPa

*The accuracy of vertical differences is better than the absolute accuracy, because in the UNIS and UT soundings the same sensors were used for the whole profile and in the AWI tethersonde the sensors were intercalibrated. We assume that the accuracy of vertical differences in air temperature and relative humidity is close to the sensor resolution.