Advances in Meteorology / 2011 / Article / Tab 5

Research Article

Temperature and Precipitation Development at Svalbard 1900–2100

Table 5

RCM simulations for the Svalbard region. The simulations were performed by the regional climate model HIRHAM2/NorACIA [28].

Global modelEmission scenario [35]ControlScenario

Max-Planck Inst.IS92a1981–2010MPI92a2021–2050MPI92b
ECHAM4SRES B21961–1990MPICN2071–2100MPIB2
Hadley CentreSRES A21961–1990HADCN2071–2100HADA2
HadAM3HSRES B21961–1990HADCN2071–2100HADB2
Hadley CentreSRES A1 B1961–1990HADA12021–2050HADA1b
HadCM3SRES A1B1961–1990HADA12071–2099HADA1c