Table 15: Long-wave radiation statistics in summer and winter 2009-2010 in 2.7 km resolution, with and without increased vertical resolution in the boundary layer (high vert. res.), and in 900 m resolution. Bold numbers indicate the best result for each AWS. Vestfonna data are not used here because of the lack of data during the chosen period.


Kongsvegen2.7 km0.730.40−33−836220.740.58
2.7 km—high vert. res.0.750.42−31−535220.710.56

Nordenskiöldbreen2.7 km0.790.39−21−1427250.430.72
2.7 km—high vert. res.0.810.44−21−1226240.420.67
900 m0.790.44−19−1225240.400.68