Advances in Meteorology / 2012 / Article / Tab 1

Research Article

An Assessment of Pseudo-Operational Ground-Based Light Detection and Ranging Sensors to Determine the Boundary-Layer Structure in the Coastal Atmosphere

Table 1

Mean statistical parameters of the ALS300-CHM15K-CL31 intercomparison. For each versus comparison, is the correlation coefficient, bias = abs ( ), Sigma = std ( ), and consistency is percentage of versus detection closer than 200 m, that is, abs  m.

Comparison (SML) Bias (m a.g.l.)Sigma (m a.g.l.)Consistency (%)No. of cases

ALS300 versus CHM15K0.8895.0135.586.517
ALS300 versus CL310.76156.1189.071.015
CHM15K versus CL310.82110.4144.977.414

Comparison (DRCL) Bias (m a.g.l.)Sigma (m a.g.l.)Consistency (%)

ALS300 versus CHM15K0.83131.1179.477.217
ALS300 versus CL310.73180.4217.867.114
CHM15K versus CL310.71166.9207.469.014