Table 1: Descriptions of various adaptation to climate change.


Engineering measureArtificial maintenance of grasslandCombining captive breeding with stocking.The captive breeding is conductive to the protection of natural vegetation, while rescuing physical consumption of livestock contributes to the growth of livestock and directly increases the benefit. Meanwhile, a large-scale captive breeding has the potential to change the original pattern of land use [27].

Technical measurePest controlCombining biological control and chemical control.It is helpful to control the desertification and degradation of grassland, protect grassland resources, maintain the ecological balance of grassland, and increase the income of herdsmen [28].

Management measureThe early warning mechanism of snow disastersEarly warning of monitoring of snow disaster and layout of snow equipment.
Management and emergency plan of snow disaster.
Early warning work of disaster can help farmers effectively and make them take measures in time to reduce the loss of disasters. But the setting of monitoring facilities and monitoring point will increase the area of built-up land [29].

Policy measureFiscal subsidiesSubsidy policy of livestock breeding, subsidy of good seeds of artificial planting forage seed, policy of production subsidies, subsidy policy of animal husbandry machinery purchase, and subsidy policy of grazing prohibition for nurture.Policy measures can avoid the herdsman’s blind pursuit of profit maximization which may destroy the ecological balance. On the premise of guaranteeing the herdsman’s income, the government subsidy can help the implication of policy and guide the farmer and herdsman to maintain the reasonable pattern of land use [30].