Research Article

Retrieving 3D Wind Field from Phased Array Radar Rapid Scans

Figure 4

Quasi-horizontal ( ) velocity fields (plotted by black arrows) retrieved in the nested domain on the conical surfaces of (a) = 0.51°, (b) 1.3°, (c) 2.4°, (d) 5.1°, (e) 12.5°, and (f) 15.6° from PAR 90° sector scans over the time period from 19 : 44 : 43 to 19 : 46 : 13 UTC on July 10, 2006. In each panel, the colored field shows the PAR-observed reflectivity (gridded and smoothed by the spatial interpolation on each tilt), and the black contours (with solid for positive and dashed for zero and negative) plot the field of horizontal divergence. The reflectivity of color scale is shown at the bottom of the figure, and the velocity vector scale is shown at the low-right corner of the figure. The nested domain size is 16 × 16 km2 (as marked by the red square box in Figure 3(b)). The -coordinate is originated from the PAR site and directed along the 210.7° azimuth (as shown by the dashed yellow line in Figure 3(b)).