Table 2: Mapping table of land use/cover types of USGS and GCAM classification systems.


1100Urban and built-up land50
2211Dryland cropland and pasture10
3212Irrigated cropland and pasture10
4213Mixed dryland/irrigated cropland and pasture10
5280Cropland/grassland mosaic10
6290Cropland/woodland mosaic10
9330Mixed shrubland/grassland30
11411Deciduous broadleaf forest20
12412Deciduous needleleaf forest20
13421Evergreen broadleaf forest20
14422Evergreen needleleaf forest20
15430Mixed forest20
16500Water bodies40
17620Herbaceous wetland40
18610Wooded wetland40
19770Barren or sparsely vegetated30
20820Herbaceous tundra30
21810Wooded tundra30
22850Mixed tundra30
23830Bare ground tundra30
24900Snow or ice40

Note: in the column “GCAM_Code”, 10: cropland; 20: forestry area; 30: grassland; 40: water area; 50: built-up area.