Advances in Meteorology / 2014 / Article / Tab 2

Research Article

Uncertainty Assessment: Reservoir Inflow Forecasting with Ensemble Precipitation Forecasts and HEC-HMS

Table 2

Calibrated parameter values. The same parameters set was adopted in the HEC-HMS model, but the area and the lag time, due to the difference of area between the Hsiayun catchment and the Shihmen Reservoir catchment, were adjusted from 605.29 to 761.05 km2 and from 220 to 250 min, respectively.


Area (km2)
 Hsiayun (1140H054)605.29
 Shihmen Reservoir761.05
Percentage of impervious surface (in percent)0 %

Lag time (min)
 Hsiayun (1140H054)220
 Shihmen Reservoir250

Initial discharge (m3/s)39.34
Recession constant0.4
Ratio-to-peak (m3/s)0.35