Research Article

Changes in Production Potential in China in Response to Climate Change from 1960 to 2010

Table 1

Contributions of climatic factors to the production potential in various regions of China (%).

 Agriculture zoneTemperaturePrecipitationRadiation

Northeast China Plain104.38−24.6420.26
Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau102.07−122.52120.45
Northern arid and semiarid region431.15−290.18−40.97
Southern China53.12−1.7448.62
Sichuan Basin and surrounding regions23.12−381.43458.31
Middle-lower Yangtze Plain−58.04−28.95186.99
Qinghai-Tibet Plateau78.8612.688.47
Loess Plateau−60.65161.33−0.67
Huang-Huai-Hai Plain271.38−52.40−118.98